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Day 1 Launch of SOPS
Solar Oysters' production platform is now raising oysters for restoration with help from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, UMBC's ICARE program, Chesapeake Bay Oyster Alliance and Abell Foundation! Check out our website for more information and a list of articles on our launch:
Baltimore, MD (November 19, 2020)— Introducing the Diesel Work Sport 6.0 (DWS 6.0), a high-speed aluminum commercial and recreational boat.  Incorporating responsive handling, sporty performance, and efficient diesel propulsion, the DWS 6.0 makes the most of technology to provide owners with control, luxury, and accessibility. After a tweet from Volvo-Penta advertising our integration of their […]
MAPC is pleased to provide our latest video in advance of the International Partnering Forum for Offshore Wind! Included is previously unreleased footage of the 55′ WaterTaxi build process. We are excited to bring defense technologies to the commercial Offshore Wind Market. Looking to build Crew Transfer Vessels for Offshore Wind and provide TALONS technology […]
We have always felt inspired and strongly connected to the historical shipbuilding site on which our facility currently stands. MAPC, with a mission to provide the latest technology to the Navy fleet, is proud to partner with Project Liberty Ship in bringing the SS. John W. Brown to our pier! See joint Press Release below: […]
The LCS Mission Module Program has announced GARC/TALONS testing. See link to NAVSEA press release below:
MAPC is hiring! Click our employer page to find our more about MAPC’s job opportunities.
Aluminum is a fickle material, appealing to most welders because of the challenge of taming its quirks to maintain its unique performance qualities. Aluminum becomes the metric by which to gauge one’s skill precisely because it is so unforgiving. The same traits that make aluminum valuable to our customers make it a challenge to work […]
The launch and recovery of two Unmanned Surface Vehicles off of the Littoral Combat Ship was a great success! Check out this article on the new mine countermeasures mission package.
A team of engineers and technicians from Maritime Applied Physics Corporation (MAPC) recently completed Global Wind Organization (GWO) Basic Safety Training with Sea Survival and Transfer modules at RelyOn Nutec in Teesside, United Kingdom. This GWO training is the accepted industry standard for accessing offshore wind turbines, met masts, transformers, and buoys. It includes tower […]