Offshore Wind


MAPC is a proven provider of ruggedized solutions for harsh maritime environments. With a 30 year history of successful aluminum and steel welded platforms and engineering solutions, we have eagerly awaited the arrival of the offshore wind industry the United States. MAPC is one of the founding members of the Business Network for Offshore Wind.Areas of interest include:

Crew Transfer Vessels: MAPC is capable of designing and building crew transfer vessels in-house at our Baltimore, MD waterfront facility. MAPC has licensed designs from proven European Offshore Wind CTV designers. Our naval architects, engineers and skilled fabricators are able to customize these designs to a project’s specific requirements.

Instrumentation work:

Our team has won our first off-shore wind contract for MET tower instrumentation, power systems, telemetry, and data acquisition.

MAPC has the necessary tower-training and marine installation expertise required to assist developers with this work.

MAPC can offer manned and unmanned surface vessels with an integrated quadcopter to provide a turnkey blade inspection solution.

MAPC has licensed Professional Engineers in Naval Architecture, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering and a 57,000 sq. ft. waterfront facility with aluminum and steel welding and fabrication capabilities. MAPC specializes in Naval Architecture, marine engineering, advanced launch and recovery, control and automation systems and associated production activities.