Baltimore Water Taxis

Kevin Plank’s Sagamore Ventures acquired HarborBoating, Inc.- the operator of the BaltimoreDSC_0233 Water Taxis. The new 55 foot Water Taxis were designed and are currently being custom-built by MAPC. Three boats have been delivered with more on the way. The fleet of vessels are United States Coast Guard Subchapter-T approved. The boats are ADA-compliant and bike-friendly, with WiFi, USB charging stations, heating, and drop-down windows. The boats are are modeled as a modernized version of the classic Chesapeake Bay deadrise workboat.

Spec sheet for the Baltimore water taxi can be found here:  Draketail Design Passenger Vessel

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To learn more about the new Baltimore Water Taxis, please check out our links to articles below: Baltimore: Check out photos of Baltimore’s new-look water taxi Now that Baltimore’s water taxi system is in the portfolio of Kevin Plank-backed Sagamore Ventures, Baltimore’s favorite form of transportation has a new look. The new water taxis will be 55-foot vessels with room for about 50 people. The first boat is set to start appearing on the harbor in the coming weeks, said Sagamore Ventures Managing Partner Demian Costa. More are set to follow in 2017, and the fleet will eventually include 10 new boats that will be swapped out for the existing water taxis. Stephen Babcock, 11/8/16
Live Shot from Water Taxi and story aired at 5:30 p.m., 6:15 p.m. Nine months after the big announcement, a new wave of water taxis are finally hitting Baltimore waterways with help from Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank and Sagamore Development. “Every single aspect of this boat was thought through and it was all thought through with the passenger experience in mind,” said Demian Costa, managing partner with Sagamore Ventures. Rick Ritter, 11/7/16
The Daily Record: New Baltimore water taxis part of ‘manufacturing renaissance’ (Full Story Attached) Baltimore’s new water taxis have been a boon to Maritime Applied Physics Corp.
The Baltimore-based MAPC is busy fulfilling a contract for 10 of the 55-foot vessels with a design influenced by the deadrise boats, traditional Chesapeake Bay fishing vessels. MAPC was selected by Sagamore Ventures, backed by Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank, to build the boats as the firm prepared to purchase Harbor Boating Inc. that runs the city’s water taxi. Adam Bednar, 11/7/16
WBAL-TV: Baltimore’s water taxi system revamped Baltimore’s water taxi system is getting a revamp. New boats and new routes will be making their debut soon. The view of Baltimore that not everyone gets to see is the view from the harbor. But soon, more people can take to the water. Kim Dacey, 11/7/16
ABC2: Water taxi unveiled for new Inner Harbor service The first member of Baltimore’s new Inner Harbor water taxi service was unveiled Monday. The first boat in the fleet of 10 is called Key’s Anthem and its maiden voyage will take place out of Fells Point in the next two weeks. Key’s Anthem is 55-feet long and holds up to 49 passengers. The state-of-the-art water taxi also is equipped with USB ports and will have bike racks. WMAR Staff, 11/7/16
Fox45: Baltimore’s first redesigned water taxi expected to operate service within a few weeks Baltimore’s first redesigned water taxi took to the harbor on Monday. Harbor Boating, Baltimore City’s Water Taxi service operator, was 100% acquired by a Kevin Plank-owned company in July, and expansion plans were announced shortly thereafter. Christine Boynton, 11/7/16
The first boat in Under Armour founder Kevin Plank’s planned fleet of Baltimore water taxis is nearly ready for passengers. The Key’s Anthem, a slick, black 55-foot Hooper’s Island draketail boat, can carry 49 passengers plus a captain and first mate. It was custom-built by Baltimore-based Maritime Applied Physics Corp. after a 1920s-era crabbing vessel that was popular for its unique design and speed capabilities.
Colin Campbell, 11/7/16
Demian Costa was unsure when he first met with Maritime Applied Physics Corp., that the maritime design and manufacturing company would be able to bring the vision Kevin Plank and his investment company, Sagamore Ventures, had for the new Baltimore Water Taxis to life, for the price they were hoping for. But they did.
Carley Milligan, 11/7/16
Community Architect Daily: Water Taxi made in Baltimore
There are quite a few things associated with Under Armour already, from rye whiskey to a hotel in Fells Point, from Port Covington to Sparrows Point and now also Brooklyn, where today the expanding company showcased the object of their latest coup: The acquisition of the Baltimore Water Taxi company, Harbor Boating and the commission of a brand new taxi vessel made right here in Baltimore. Klaus Philipsen, 11/7/16
The Diamondback: Under Armour is rolling out a new red uniform for Maryland football Since Under Armor rebranded Maryland’s football uniforms in the summer of 2011, Kevin Plank has hardly been shy to try anything he thinks will make his alma mater’s football team look their best. Maryland’s very first game in 2011 featured a flashy new uniform with the Maryland flag adorned on the helmet and shoulders. The Terps have also regularly opted for all-black and all-white uniforms, known as “Black Ops” and “White Ops” respectively.
Jordan Katz, 11/7/16