Unmanned Buoys

MAPC has now developed the Remote Off-Shore Sensor System which is an easily deployed moored sensor platform for air, surface and subsurface environmental sensing. The sensor package includes: The Remote Off-Shore Sensor System has a passively stabilized gimbaled mast (patent pending) which allows for improved above-surface sensor performance and high-bandwidth communications at sea. The buoy is diesel powered for higher power sensors/ processing with two 5.5 kW redundant generators and battery packs for intermittent diesel operation. At max capacity, refueling can occur 30-45 day intervals. Quiet periods are possible through the battery packs for sensitive hydro-acoustic measurements.BuoyOceansday

The Buoy has a large payload capacity for instrumentation racks and is capable of single point or 3-point moorings.

Persistent Systems Wave Relay:
  • Peer to Peer Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET)
  • Secure Data, video and voice
  • Real time position location
  • Over 30 Mbps of Multicast Throughput
  • Zero ‘flow distortion’
L-3 Integrated Sensor Systems:
  • A combined Maritime Imaging System providing True ISR with real time, Multi-INT, Multi-Spectral data fusion for ISR, Situational Awareness and concurrent target multi-spectral persistent image validation.
Accipiter Avian Radar Monitoring:
  • 3D Coverage (lat, long., alt, speed, heading, size) for every target
  • Survey up to 11 km in distance
  • 360 degree coverage area, 24/7
  • Bird & bat data on abundance, migration, flight patterns and more