Naval Architecture

MAPC’s naval architects will find the optimal design solution to satisfy your specific requirements and cost objectives.

We have designed and built unmanned surface vessels (USVs), advanced hull passenger vessels like hydrofoils and SWATHs, small submersibles, and several major subsystems for larger vessels.

If you have a novel hull form to evaluate, we will answer many questions through our advanced computer modeling and simulation. 

We have designed, built, and tank-tested ship models up to thirty feet long at the world’s largest and most advanced test facilities.

MAPC designed, built, and tested three hydrofoils for the U.S. Navy. These vessels’ sixteen sensors compute and adjust flap angles at a rate of 50 hertz, and use custom notch filters to remove specific structural resonance feedback. Our control systems are used on two Navy hydrofoils, one Navy HYSWAS, and three commercial ferries. Two more vessels are currently under development with associated patents pending.

Capturepicture 143Ferry 2

For a look at a very innovative yacht concept based on HYSWAS principles, check out Jonathan Schwinge’s Tetra-yacht.Tetra-yacht