MAPC mentioned in Forbes for work on Tetrahedron Super Yacht

MAPC’s work on Schwinge’s Tetrahedron Super Yacht was recently mentioned in an article in Forbes Magazine. Since then, the article has been picked up by many news outlets. MAPC is proud to have three naval architects on staff with over 50 combined years of maritime engineering and design experience. 04-Schwinge

HYSWAS stands for “Hydrofoil Small Waterplane Area Ship.” The HYSWAS combines dynamic lift and buoyancy which provides high endurance and excellent rough water motions and speed. MAPC has designed and built both HYSWAS and hydrofoils over its 30 year company history. Here’s a great little video from MAPC’s quest demonstrator project.


Here is a photo of our Quest demonstrator project that was mentioned in the article. We’ve come a long way, baby! Quest