MAPC Completes Global Wind Organization (GWO) Training for Offshore Wind Field Team

A team of engineers and technicians from Maritime Applied Physics Corporation (MAPC) recently completed Global Wind Organization (GWO) Basic Safety Training with Sea Survival and Transfer modules at RelyOn Nutec in Teesside, United Kingdom.

This GWO training is the accepted industry standard for accessing offshore wind turbines, met masts, transformers, and buoys. It includes tower climbing, advanced first aid training, and fire suppression training.

Maryland’s Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) Maryland Business Works training assistance program provided 50% matching funds to assist MAPC in providing this training to its employees. MAPC has won a Maryland wind energy area met mast outfitting contract with US Wind, Inc., one of Maryland’s two offshore wind developers, and plans to use this training in order to support the contract. 

Mark Rice, President and Founder of MAPC: “Global Wind Organization training is not currently available in the United States, so leveraging the lessons learned from Europe ensures our personnel are well prepared to handle the unique demands of offshore wind tower climbing.” With a track record of innovative and challenging projects in the maritime sector, MAPC is well equipped to support the emerging U.S. offshore wind industry.

MAPC has obtained a sublicense from Blount Boats to build South Boats’ licensed Crew Transfer Vessels, and seeks to provide outfitting, commissioning and O&M services for site assessments, turbine transition, and balance-of-plant systems.  MAPC’s supplier network and capabilities include instrumentation and data acquisition systems, solar and wind power systems, collision avoidance lighting and signals, davits, and fall and fire safety systems.