MAPC completes electric tram upgrade for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Baltimore, Maryland:  Maritime Applied Physics Corporation (MAPC) just returned the Patuxent Research Refuge’s National Wildlife Visitor Center tram to the United States Department of Fish and Wildlife Service with an updated electrical system, just in time for the busy season! MAPC has kept the Patuxent Wildlife all-electric tram up and running since 2000 and has a long history with building electric vehicles, beginning in 1997.

The National Wildlife Visitor Center tram leaves MAPC in Baltimore this week with updated electrical systems.

Jim Cerulli, Engineering Manager at MAPC said: “the tram is a fun project for us. It keeps our electric vehicle engineering knowledge current and we like knowing that the general public will get to experience our technology.”

Established in 1936, the Patuxent Research Refuge in Laurel, Maryland is the only national wildlife refuge specifically created to support wildlife research in the United States. The South Tract of the refuge is where the National Wildlife Visitor Center, the Tram, and its trails are located.

Cerulli continued; “while electric vehicles are just now starting to become popular in the United States, the Patuxent National Wildlife tram has been operational for over 20 years.” MAPC hopes to keep the tram moving for another 20 years.

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Photo Credit: USFWS

Photo Credit: USFWS