Below are the specification sheets for GARC, TALONS, our Unmanned Systems and our Tactical Sensor Mast Buoys. Please click on the following links to download MAPC’s brochures on our various products and capabilities.

MAPC Capabilities:

MAPC Offshore Wind Capabilities
MAPC Capabilities -General
Electrical Engineering Capabilities

Life Raft Pods:

External Life Raft Pod

Water Taxis:

The Drake Tail Design


UD-GARC Commercial USV
UD-GARC Military USV
Search and Rescue GARC
GARC- Mission Tested Press-Release (2015)

Sensor BUOYs:

MAPC CDB-485s Spec Sheet
MAPC CDB-485 Spec Sheet
MAPC CDB-384 Spec Sheet
MAPC CDB-361 Spec Sheet

Towed Airborne Lift of Naval Systems