Crew Transfer Vessels

As an experienced aluminum boat builder for over 20 years, MAPC is ready to build Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) for the offshore wind market. CTVs are usually between 65-85 feet long and are designed to carry the operations and maintenance crews safely and comfortably to offshore wind towers. These voyages can be several hours, and sometimes in rough seas. the CTV must be able to securely line up to each tower and on and offload its passengers.

“Seacat Weatherly” by Chartwell Marine

MAPC has partnered with Chartwell Marine to bring forth what we believe to be the very best in CTV designs. An experienced designer for offshore wind, Chartwell Marine continues to innovate.

The Chartwell 24 is designed for the North American offshore wind market.

Aft view of the Seacat Weatherly